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Dj Andersen
Dj Nastasya

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Dj Andersen

Real name: Andrey
Was born on: 23 June 1980 in Moscow
Music style: Deep House, Electro, Electrohouse/Electroclash, House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tribal

Since childhood Andersen was interested in music and finished Music school ( on the piano class) but didn`t want to become a pianist..at that time the art of creating your own music so-called art of DJs was becoming more and more popular. Andrey decided to try himself in that new branch of art.
And at the age of 15 (1995)he made his first steps on the way to his future career. He played on the college parties and made everybody wants to move by his rythmical music.
If somebody told him, that one day Anrey would become popular DJ, he wouldn`t believe.
Andrey enjoyed his new hobby very much and decided to finish Special DJ`s school. ( 1997)
But after a year of studying there he had to go to the army.
And only in 2001 Andrey came back to his hobby and made this hobby become the career.
Andersen got a job of DJ in of not well-known clubs of the Moscow region. He works there for a year and got an experience in this sphere. The result of really hard working year was meeting with Pr-managers. Since that time he had worked with such great people as:
: Kolya, Sanchez, Rise.
The work and professionalism of this people inspired and made him believe in himself.
At that time he had already knew that career of DJ was his destiny. And theree was no doubt that the hearts of clubbers would be resigned!
Playing as on the vinil as on CD Andersen bursts out the dancefloor, giving himself to the audience. In the rythms of his music you dissolve without the remainder, and get a charge of positive energy and mood!
It`s not a secret, that Andrey took his nickname by one of the greatest storytellers. Only storytellers have a gift of reflecting unbelieveable emotions and feelings! And his sets can`t be described in a simple language..
Wide range of music possibilities of house music in all its kinds( from deep to progressive gave Andersen a priceless change to work with such professionals of Moscow and near Europe as:
DJ Ivan Rudik, Agent Smith , Anton Antonov, Menthal Project (Emil & Junior Croff), Ruby, Vlada (Zeppelin pro.), Tina Charles, Melory, Kiriloff, MixOn , Sveta, Jaimie Fanatic (Groovefanatics rec), Ogarev, Danila, JAMES TALK ( UK ), Patrick Grau feat. Rebeka Brown (Sex In-Fusion), Dasfan Kite, NILS NOA (Norway), RICHARD GREY (France), Moussa Clarke (London, UK), Richard Joker Rodrigez (Columbia), Tom neville (UK), Paul Arnold (UK), DAVE ROBERTSON (UK, LONDON | CR2, BIG LOVE), Les Shmitz (Amnesia | Ibiza), Jose Aguilera (Deepxpression Spain), JESSE GARCIA (Spain) VS JUANJO SAMPLEKING (Spain), Arkadiy AiR, Ostap, She, Natasha Pritz, Pelengator, Misha Bear, RENE AMESZ, Bobrov, Pimenov, Katrin Vesna, Mike Spirit, Grad, Asya, Natasha Urman, Magnet, Uran, Berg, Alex, Romario, Karas, Taran, Shmella, Flight, Flash, Fomin, OKSASOUND, Andrey Loud ..
Now Andersen works succesfully as a resident in Saxar Club.
Also played at many cocerts and among them is The fourth grant of MusTV in the way of popular music
Now Andersen works in project with DJ Nastasia and tours on the cities of Russia.

Dj Nastasya

Real name: Anastasia
Music style: Deep House, Electro, Electrohouse/Electroclash,
House, Minimal techno, Progressive House, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tribal

Different interests, talant to create something new in music and attraction to unknown are the results of her parents` influence. Thanks to them she got music and choreografic educatoins, which helped Nastasya to choose her future career.
Having refind music taste and feeling of people she made her first step to that mad and glamorous night life. Being stufffed by famous moskow DJ, Nastasya learned the art of dj in very short time. And now on coming to the club people are nicely shocked when seeing young blazing and fashion girl, virtuositily controlling the board. Her music is always fresh and original. Her talant and feeling of the dancefloor is the reason for jealousity, her charm makes people fall in love with her and loose their mind.
Each set is not only the combination of beautiful sounds of progressive tracks, it`s sensible revolution on the dancefloor, made by fragile woman`s hands.
Nastasya doesn`t prefer only one style of so-called club music. she` s got as soft and sunnny House as winding electro in her DJ`s bag.
Nastasya thinks that girl as a Dj can be heard not only by ears, but also by the eyes. that`s why Nastasya doesn`t only works, but make the audience enjoy herself. Fragile and sexy with hard kind of music, she makes to want her madly!!
In that moment Nastasya successfully works in Saxar club as a DJ-resident and becoming ready to start a new project with famous moskow Dj DJ Andersen, with whom she had succeded in playing for many Moscow and Russian cities.

phone: +7 (926) 557-24-56
e-mail: guslic@yandex.ru

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